Subha Bhattacharya

A mystical world in its infancy. And only recently has new life been seen walking amongst The Island’s ruins. It was made by a group of 10 called The Unseen. The Unseen watch The Island very carefully. Each member of The Unseen is unique and has a separate role to play in the life of The Island, but together, they can make decisions to drastically change the course of The Island as well.

All of us are here to watch the story of the island unfold. We will see its first inhabitation, its growth, prosperity, plague, war, resurrection, evolution, mutation, development, abandonment, and potentially even its destruction. Over the course of the next few years, we will watch its story unfold and you can be part of this story. Be the first of its 2,158 new inhabitants who found The Island by accident- the Angry bears. Or one of the 3,500 Gummies that already call The Island home. Or be 1 of the 10 Unseen who have the ability to change everything about The Island, with a roll of a dice.

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