Stephen Cohen

Stephen Cohen is an English-born historical fiction and non-fiction writer, with a passion for delving into the depths of both imagination and history. Hailing from Sutton-In-Ashfield, England, Cohen's love for storytelling was nurtured amidst the enchanting landscapes of Sherwood Forest, where he would often play with his child, fostering a deep appreciation for the mysteries of the past.

A seasoned traveller, Cohen has explored over fifty countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes. His wanderlust led him to reside for a year or more in seven different countries, each experience enriching his understanding of the world and its myriad histories.

During his travels, Cohen developed a particular fascination with the relics and remnants of World War II, actively seeking out historical sites associated with the conflict. His journeys yielded not only cherished memories but also a vast collection of photographs documenting his encounters with the echoes of the past.

Cohen's profound interest in World War II evolved into a dedicated hobby, inspiring him to delve deeper into the era's complexities. This passion culminated in the creation of his debut novel, "Blue Ring Assassins," a gripping tale set against the backdrop of wartime intrigue. Originally conceived as a standalone work, the success of "Blue Ring Assassins" has propelled Cohen to expand it into a trilogy series, set to captivate readers with its blend of historical authenticity and thrilling narrative. As 2024 unfolds, the eagerly anticipated continuation of Cohen's saga promises to transport audiences on a riveting journey through the annals of history.

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