Scott Harrison

The charming story of Grumpy Gorilla learning positive attributes from Happy Hippo is now available.

With magical illustrations and written in verse, this story can captivate any child’s heart and teach them the power of friendship, exercise and a good attitude.

”You can decide to be nice to all that you meet, and the feeling of helping others just can’t be beat”—the book explores all the habits little children should learn about to lead an optimistic life.

Grumpy Gorilla is ready to learn from Happy Hippo about changing his miserable outlook on life. An enjoyable read then takes the reader step by step through all the positive habits children should make a part of their lives in order to become emotionally stable adults with strong life skills. Find out all about the importance of making friends, having a laugh and giving presents to others in this fun-to-read adventure of two friends.

[Date when the press release will be made the live, city of the author]—Grumpy Gorilla and Happy Hippo, published by [Pegasus Paperback, 9781910903872], is now available on Amazon, Waterstones, eBay and many other online stores. The story’s characters are inspired by the author’s life and tell how Grumpy Gorilla went from sullen and miserable to helping others and having friends. Its rich illustrations by Tom Bonson make the story feel like a wonderland to dive into.

“A lovely read that helps remind our children about the importance of kindness, positivity and the value of helping others to help grow healthy young minds and strong friendships.”

Kate Thornton

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About the Author:

Scott Harrison is a dedicated family man with three kids of his own. Expert in the field of health, fitness and mindset, this is Scott Harrison’s debut children’s book. He is the owner of Six Pack Revolution and SPR Juniors with years of experience in health and fitness and a passion to help build others. Scott has experienced, and later preached, the benefits of healthy habits, exercise and a positive mindset in his various books and provides motivational speeches and transformation programs to people all over the world.

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