Sam is a versatile individual with a diverse background and a keen interest in various fields. With a solid work history in landscaping, vehicle up-fitting, and welding, Sam has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a knack for hands-on tasks. Their skills and experience in these areas reflect a dedication to precision and craftsmanship.

Beyond their professional pursuits, Sam is a fervent enthusiast of combat sports, ranging from the elegant discipline of fencing to the raw intensity of Kickboxing. This passion for combat sports showcases their appreciation for both the artistry and physicality involved in these disciplines.

In addition to their love for combat sports, Sam possesses a deep fascination with history, particularly that of kings, generals, and Biblical events. This interest reflects a curiosity about the complexities of leadership, strategy, and the impact of historical figures on the course of human events.

Overall, Sam's diverse skill set and wide-ranging interests make them a well-rounded individual with a unique perspective on both the practical and intellectual aspects of life.

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