RJ Young

RJ Young is an accomplished author whose literary prowess shines through in his captivating work, "The Witch of the Whirlwind." Drawing on a rich tapestry of fantasy and adventure, Young weaves a tale that unfolds in the mystical realm where the Sky Elders returned two decades ago, entrusting the Itiwana tribe with the sacred duty of protecting the Tree of Life.

As a seasoned warrior and beloved chieftain of the Itiwana, Tawa finds himself thrust into a perilous journey when the Witch of the Whirlwind attacks his village, forcing him to fulfil an old promise. Young skillfully guides readers through Tawa's solitary quest, exploring themes of duty, friendship, and the blurred lines between them.

Beyond the protagonist's epic journey, Young delves into the lives of Tawa's children, each burdened with their own promises. Pahana, appointed as an interim ruler, grapples with the weight of defending his people, while the enigmatic newcomer Hayoka adds a disruptive element to his responsibilities. Kia, Tawa's daughter, emerges as a powerful Shaman, tempted by external forces seeking to exploit her extraordinary abilities for their own nefarious agenda.

Little do they know that the Witch of the Whirlwind is poised to unleash an unprecedented threat upon the Itiwana, setting the stage for a gripping climax that will test the resilience of both characters and readers alike.

Beyond his literary accomplishments, RJ Young's creative journey extends beyond the pages of his book. With a TV pilot episode, a play, and a graphic novel under his belt, Young's diverse talents shine through. His correspondence with the widow of Harpo Marx reveals a unique connection to the golden age of comedy, showcasing his broad range of interests.

Yet, Young's personal journey is marked by resilience in the face of adversity. Overcoming depression, social anxiety, and Avoidant Personality Disorder, he has confronted existential crises head-on. The tragic loss of his parents to a drunk driver during his college years added a profound layer to his life, propelling him through challenges that ultimately shaped the depth and authenticity of his storytelling.

In "The Witch of the Whirlwind," RJ Young not only crafts a mesmerizing fantasy narrative but also shares a piece of his own journey through the struggles and triumphs that define the human experience.

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