Introducing P-Math, a versatile musician hailing from northern New Jersey, whose eclectic blend of sounds defies categorization. With a penchant for hip-hop vibes, acoustic melodies, and a dash of pop-punk energy, P-Math's music transcends genre boundaries, allowing for maximum creative expression.

His debut EP, "Pour It Out," slated for release on January 1st, 2024, is a testament to his dedication and raw talent. Recorded entirely during lunch breaks in his car, using recording equipment compatible with his phone, the EP captures the essence of his artistry under unique circumstances. Despite the limitations, P-Math's passion shines through, delivering a captivating and authentic experience.

Already making waves with multiple singles from the EP on platforms like TikTok and Spotify, P-Math's music resonates with audiences, drawing them into his world of introspection and vulnerability. The EP delves into P-Math's journey battling addiction and finding solace in sobriety. Each track is a poignant reflection of the struggles and triumphs encountered along the way, offering hope and understanding to those navigating similar challenges.

For P-Math, "Pour It Out" is more than just an album—it's a lifeline, a beacon of light for anyone grappling with addiction or seeking a path to recovery. Through his music, he pours out his soul, sharing his experiences with unflinching honesty and empathy, in the hopes of inspiring others to find the help and support they deserve. With his heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, P-Math is not just making music; he's making a difference.

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