Michael Karolewski

Michael Karolewski is a versatile author whose journey to the realm of literature has been as diverse as the worlds he creates in his novels. With a background in Math and Economics from Northeastern University, Michael's career path has taken him through various industries, including stints at two insurance companies, a call centre, and most recently, the tech sector. However, amidst his professional endeavours, Michael harboured a lifelong dream of becoming an author, which he now fervently pursues.

Hailing from Smithfield, Rhode Island, Michael's passion for storytelling bloomed at an early age. He penned his first book, "Revenge of the World," in second grade and sold it on the playground—an early indication of his entrepreneurial spirit and literary flair. Now residing in Boston for the past decade, Michael channels his love for dogs, nature, Solitaire, and moody music into his creative process, often accompanied by the therapeutic challenge of jigsaw puzzles.

In Autumn 2021, Michael's debut novel, "The Soul Sector," thrust readers into the intriguing realm of Valcara, a dystopian purgatory where souls are commodities. The story follows Rose Ryder's journey as she navigates a cosmic conspiracy, blending elements of the afterlife with earthly intrigue. The success of his first venture into publishing set the stage for Michael's continued exploration of supernatural realms and complex moral dilemmas.

In his eagerly awaited sequel, "The Prophet's Debt," Michael delves deeper into Rose's adventures, weaving a tapestry of interdimensional conflicts and personal redemption. As Rose confronts new adversaries and unearths unsettling truths, readers are drawn into a world where the boundaries between life and death blur, challenging conventional notions of fate and morality.

With his distinctive blend of suspense, fantasy, and philosophical depth, Michael Karolewski invites readers to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every page promises discovery and revelation. As he continues to hone his craft, Michael remains committed to captivating audiences with his unique storytelling voice and imaginative storytelling.

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