Mario Hyman

Mario Hyman, a seasoned and multifaceted artist, stands at the intersection of music, history, and filmmaking. At 63 years old, he brings a wealth of experience as a retired school counsellor, coupled with three decades of unwavering dedication to the world of music.

As the driving force behind "Roundhouse/Hymanic Music Productions," Mario is not only a composer and musician but also a prolific creator who collaborates with fellow artists. His musical journey has taken him on a diverse path, where he crafts everything from soulful melodies to catchy jingles for companies and organizations.

Mario's artistic endeavours extend beyond the realm of music. A passionate historian, he has delved into the annals of time to explore and understand the cultural tapestry that has shaped our world. Simultaneously, Mario has embraced the art of filmmaking, a craft that allows him to weave narratives and capture the essence of human experiences.

One notable achievement in Mario's musical repertoire is the creation of "The Godfather of The Lower East Side," a single dedicated to the world-renowned artist and photographer Clayton Patterson. This musical masterpiece, inspired by an illustration piece curated by Julian Voloj, pays homage to the vibrant and iconic Lower East Side.

Collaboration is at the heart of Mario's creative process, as evidenced by his work on "Monochrome World." Commissioned by filmmaker Rich Allen, Mario crafted a compelling song that encapsulates the essence of Allen's visual storytelling. The track is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, showcasing Mario's ability to integrate his musical prowess into different artistic mediums seamlessly.

Beyond the realms of music and film, Mario is currently immersed in a captivating documentary project titled "Alphabet City." This film is a testament to Mario's deep connection with the Lower East Side, where he lived and worked during the tumultuous drug era of the 80s. Through interviews with survivors, he sheds light on the lives impacted by the challenges and triumphs of that era, providing a poignant and authentic glimpse into a pivotal chapter of New York City's history.

Mario Hyman's journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to transcend boundaries. As he continues to create, document, and contribute to the cultural landscape, Mario remains a beacon of inspiration for artists and enthusiasts alike.

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