Marc J Hiscox

Marc J. Hiscox is a seasoned personal coach and a luminary in the realm of self-discovery. With a profound understanding of human nature, Marc has dedicated his life to guiding individuals towards unlocking their true potential. Born in the heart of Illinois, Marc's journey has taken him from the Midwest to the serene landscapes of Idaho, where he currently resides.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in education, Marc delved into the intricacies of human behaviour and psychology. His commitment to personal growth led him to attain certifications in humanistic neuro-linguistic programming and humanistic hypnosis, offering a unique blend of expertise that empowers his clients to embark on transformative journeys.

Beyond the realm of coaching, Marc's creativity finds expression in the art of custom furniture design and woodworking. As an esteemed instructor, he imparts his passion for craftsmanship to aspiring woodworkers. When not immersed in the world of coaching or woodworking, Marc nurtures his connection with nature, tending to his garden and crafting exquisite wooden bowls through the meditative practice of woodturning.

Deeply inspired by his father's Cherokee heritage, Marc weaves elements of Native American art into his creations. This cultural influence adds a profound layer to his work, reflecting a spiritual connection that transcends generations.

The culmination of Marc's insights and experiences finds resonance in "The Valley of Mystery," an adventure of the soul that beckons readers to embark on a transformative journey. The narrative unfolds through the protagonist, Liam, guided by spiritual teachers on a path of self-discovery. Marc's wisdom shines through the pages, encouraging readers to open their hearts and minds to profound truths.

In the midst of Liam's transformative journey, Marc explores the intricacies of life, weaving a tale that delves into the essence of human existence. Through Liam's trials, readers witness the breaking of old habits and the creation of new, love-based choices. Marc's narrative inspires a shift in perspective, encouraging readers to recognize patterns within themselves and their surroundings.

As Liam grapples with challenges such as his father's failing health and the complexities of love, Marc invites readers to reflect on their own lives. "The Valley of Mystery" becomes not just a tale but a mirror, reflecting the possibilities of profound spiritual growth through passion and self-discovery.

Join Marc J. Hiscox in this transformational journey through "The Valley of Mystery" and unlock the doors to your own spiritual awakening. Through Liam's experiences, discover the power of moving with grace, breaking free from the shackles of old patterns, and embracing a life fueled by love rather than fear. Marc's narrative serves as a guide, inviting readers to explore the depths of their souls and embark on a journey of profound self-realization.

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