Makaela Bryant

Makaela "Kat" Bryant is a Model and Actress that has recently emerged onto the field and is making her presence known. She currently is the lead actress in an upcoming series called "Circlings" but shes also has appeared in other films in supporting roles. She has taken the time to hone her craft and is emerging as an actress and model that is bringing it all in. In the words of Makaela:

"I am an actress and model. This is what I was born to do and that's to tell people a story through my actions. Whether that's a story of love, sadness, triumph or defeat is entirely up to the directors and production team. Overall, I want what I do to positively impact someone else and to change their lives in the way for the better. I would love to be known as "America's Next Sweetheart".

Makaela takes her craft seriously and like all the greats she takes classes (as well as seminars) to prepare for any role. In addition, Makaela maintains her figure by participating as a Bikini Athlete in the NPC/IFBB League in ameature bikini trained by Atinder Singh (and TCEF). It's how she makes sure she's always ready for the camera. In all, Makaela is a Diamond that is becoming discovered and coveted by many.

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