Louie XO

Louie XO is a burgeoning artist hailing from Columbus, OH, whose vibrant personality and dynamic sound have quickly propelled him onto the forefront of the music scene. Born and raised on the South and east side of Columbus, Louie's journey took him to the South, where he completed his schooling in Alabama. It was there that he developed a fondness for the unique styles of artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Pi’erre Bourne, Young Thug, and the masterful, mellow samples of Kanye West. Louie seamlessly blended elements from each of these influences, crafting the unmistakable geek star persona that captivates fans today.

With a beard as colourful as his lyrical prowess, Louie XO is the embodiment of hype, style, and lyrical finesse. His latest project, "Lou Lee," marks his 25th release in just five years, currently available on platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Audiomack, and LouieXO.net. Louie's label, TBA & TGA, showcases a roster of talented artists including Luhswaggstarr, Devinmedina, Tee6lurz, Dkpezoz, and Dracoshawty.

Louie XO burst onto the music scene with hits like "Show it++," "Team Rocket," and "Vibe," but it was his well-balanced and fan-favourite project, "Thot Boy Extended," that truly solidified his place in the hearts of fans. Despite facing challenges in his upbringing, this 25-year-old rockstar overcame adversity and earned the opportunity to work with icons such as Lil B. His journey includes unforgettable moments like taking pictures with famous figures like Dex, 21 Savage, NBA Young Boy, Lil Pump, and his ultimate influence, Lil Uzi Vert.

Louise XO's creativity and poetic mastery of words mark him as one of the future young-wave greats. He possesses the potential, likability, and skill to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. If you're searching for a thrilling addition to your playlist, taking a chance on Louise XO promises an exciting musical journey. With a wealth of potential and an impressive craft, Louise XO is destined to become a future great—don't miss out on experiencing his captivating artistry.

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