Kevo Aregbe

Kevo Aregbe is a playwright and storyteller with a passion for exploring the complexities of the human experience. His latest play, "What Do We Do Now?", follows the lives of an African American family in 1965 as they navigate the challenges of living in a crime-ridden neighbourhood.

Through the characters of Edwana and Kyle, played with raw emotion and authenticity, Kevo delves deep into the struggles faced by black families during this tumultuous time in American history. As they raise their children Kylie and Eddie, they must confront poverty, discrimination, and limited resources in their community.

Kevo's masterful storytelling weaves a timeline of African American issues throughout the play, drawing on dilemmas from different decades to create a rich and thought-provoking tapestry of the human experience. From the 1950s to the present day, "What Do We Do Now?" is a poignant exploration of the resilience and strength required to overcome the challenges that life throws our way.

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