Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel MBE, a psychotherapist and pediatric counsellor, is a prominent advocate for celebrating the lives of lost loved ones and transforming the way we approach grief. With a background in publishing before transitioning into counselling, Samuel brings a unique perspective to the field, combining her understanding of human emotions with her passion for storytelling and communication.

Recognizing the profound impact that grief has on individuals, Samuel has been instrumental in promoting Celebration Day, a national initiative aimed at reshaping society's perception of loss and death. Through her research, she has discovered that an overwhelming majority of people—3 in 5 individuals, or 77%—believe it is crucial to celebrate and remember those no longer with us. Moreover, a significant 85% of respondents feel that these celebrations should be positive and uplifting rather than melancholic.

Samuel's work highlights the need for communal gatherings that encourage open conversations about lost loved ones. Her research shows that almost two-thirds of people (65%) believe there are inadequate opportunities to come together and discuss their departed family and friends. In addition, she has found that a similar proportion of individuals lack regular rituals to honour and remember their loved ones.

As Celebration Day approaches on Sunday the 28th of May, Samuel invites individuals from all walks of life to pause and unite in celebrating those who are no longer with us. She emphasizes the importance of personalizing these commemorations, encouraging people to remember their loved ones in their own unique and sometimes quirky ways. By fostering an atmosphere of joy and connection, Samuel believes that Celebration Day can help bridge the raw emotions of grief and inspire a collective shift toward embracing the positive memories associated with lost loved ones.

Beyond her dedication to grief counselling and advocacy, Julia Aline Samuel holds a special place in the British royal family as one of the seven godparents of Prince George. This role further attests to her character and influence, as she continues to touch lives through her compassionate approach to therapy and her commitment to transforming the way society experiences and commemorates loss.

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