Jess Impiazzi

In the new Amazon Prime Series 'Keepy Calm And Carry On', three different but connected families deal with the ups and downs of family life as they try to push through the gruelling year of 2020. A documentary crew followed the three households through the ups and downs of the year. High school sweethearts, and now parents, Harry and Hannah Keegan, try their best to deal not only with their three children but also Harry's Dad, Frank, who has come to live with the family following the passing of his wife. Sean and Spencer, are a married couple living with their teenage adopted daughter, Lauren. Who is going through a certain 'phase' in her life. We also see Susan and Peter Richards who are a couple in their sixties. Susan cares very much about her self-image and how she is perceived by the public on television. So of course, she finds it challenging when her youngest daughter moves back home after a split from her famous footballer fiancé.

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