Godwin Josh

Godwin Josh is a tech trailblazer who embarked on his journey in 1992, tinkering with computers and Animator Pro in DOS. By 1998, his HTML and JavaScript skills led to a popular website, foreshadowing his prowess.

Pursuing Computer Science Engineering in 2002, Godwin founded a software company, crafting a remote desktop app in 2004. In 2005, he ventured into healthcare tech, developing software for specialists.

Expanding his company's horizons, Godwin pioneered bulk SMS solutions, revolutionizing communication in India. He then embraced video streaming, Python, Nodejs, and Linux.

Under his guidance, Livebox, a game-changing streaming server, and a remote video receiver gained wide acclaim, selling 400 units to MSOs.

Diversification ensued with Instanet, a nationwide internet bonding equipment provider, and Altrosyn Technologies, offering outsourced development.

A master of SEO and growth hacking tools, Godwin engineered CDTECH's marketing processes, optimizing operations. His current focus lies in Big Data Analytics and Generative AI.

Proficient in Nodejs, Python, Golang, and administration tools, Godwin is at the forefront of innovation. He nurtures and mentors teams, championing continuous learning. His legacy is etched in tech's evolution.

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