Frankie Rockin' Smith

Frankie Rockin' Smith is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and entertainer with a deep passion for rock n' roll music from the 1950s. His musical inspiration comes from legends such as Shakin’ Stevens and Ricky Nelson, and he embraces his retro style with gusto. Frankie loves to perform live and is known for his unique 'shaky-legs' moves on stage.

At the young age of 21, Frankie released his debut single, "Christmas Blues," which was written for him by Swiss composer Michel F. Bolle. The song was distributed worldwide by Ditto Music and received critical acclaim for its catchy, fun, and timeless sound. Frankie's music is simple yet loaded with deep musicianship and energy, and he delivers it with conviction and grace.

Frankie's love for the 1950s rockabilly era shines through his music, and he is determined to be an important part of the rockabilly revival. With his jump swing, soulful rhythm and blues Christmas tune, he has established himself as an original force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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