Dr Nachi Sinha

Maintaining a work-life balance is a common problem in today’s era. People devote more than half of their days to their bosses and companies.

Some people do it because they love their jobs and don’t mind spending extra hours doing what they love. Others work to earn some extra cash. No matter what the case, working for long hours exhausts us. 

But, do you know what’s more exhausting even when you are passionate about your jobs? It's workplace bullying that drains the person mentally.

The term workplace bullying refers to mocking or targeted behaviour at work. The employee is bullied by his colleagues, seniors, juniors, and sometimes even the bosses. 

According to 2017 research from the Workplace Bullying Institute:

  • 70% of males and 30% of females are bullies.
  • Women are more likely the target of bullies.

The bullying from bosses and seniors accounts for 61% of the bullying. Followed by bullying from co-workers, which is 33%. Only 6% of bullying comes from junior-level people, which is 6%.

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