Dr Richard Ruhling

Dr Richard Ruhling is an author and biblical scholar known for his thought-provoking work, particularly in eschatology. His book, "How It All Ends!," delves into the intriguing question many are pondering: Are we approaching the biblical end-times? According to Dr Ruhling, the answer is a resounding YES, with a unique perspective on the role of Muslims in precipitating these prophesied events.

In his book, Dr. Ruhling explores the escalating war against Israel, drawing connections to biblical prophecies such as Zechariah 14, which foretells the taking of Jerusalem. Notably, he points to the collaboration between Hezbollah and Hamas, emphasizing the translation of "Hamas" as violence in Genesis 6:13. Dr Ruhling suggests that this aligns with divine foresight, highlighting the biblical awareness of the impending challenges.

Central to Dr. Ruhling's narrative is the concept of the divine "roar" from Jerusalem, as prophesied in Joel 3:16. He contends that this seismic event, described in various ways in the book of Revelation, will initiate the biblical end-times. Drawing on biblical passages such as Amos 3:7, he argues that God reveals such events before they occur, urging readers to discern the significance of the "roar" and its encoded representation in the scriptures.

The author also draws parallels between historical earthquakes, encoded messages, and biblical narratives, particularly referencing a seismic event circa 63 AD. Dr Ruhling sees connections between the last of seven churches and Luke's wedding parable, emphasizing the urgency for believers to be prepared and responsive when faced with divine "knocks."

Readers of "How It All Ends!" are presented with a unique perspective that combines biblical prophecy with contemporary events, offering insights into the relevance of current news and the importance of spiritual readiness in the face of impending biblical end-times. Dr. Richard Ruhling's work invites contemplation and discussion on the intersection of prophecy, geopolitics, and spiritual preparedness.

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