Damian Andrews

Drawing from skills learned in Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), as a Corporate Recovery Specialist and expert advisor to national and international companies Damian distilled and refined often overlooked fundamental leadership, negotiation and innovation principles into Breathing Fire, the most definitive program for unleashing your revenue and profit potential.

His career started with a posting to Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment. Being exposed to high-stress, life-or-death scenarios developed his ability to quickly adapt to a crisis, work cohesively as part of a team and have a tenacious focus for reaching an outcome.

Following the completion of his military role, Damian’s studies included a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Law) and a Bachelor of Business.

As a Corporate Recovery Specialist, Damian excelled at bringing calm and order to highly stressed and distressed companies and businesses. Developing keys for successful business turnarounds and implementing many highly successful financial management and KPI tracking tools.

Under his banner, Damian provided an instrumental change to large, national and multi-national companies and government organisations.

The business sectors Damian has operated in includes manufacturing, property holdings, IT, retail, professional services, large retail fit-outs, apartments, commercial, civil, infrastructure, road, rail and renewable energy.

As a philanthropist, Damian was the CEO of the Family Peace Foundation created to help prevent domestic violence. A passionate believer in the global community he launched SHAIR.care. An all-inclusive global community sharing experience, strength and hope to create strong, healthy and inspiring relationships.

Damian speaks to audiences around the globe bringing fresh life to often-overlooked fundamental principles essential for rapid success.

He exists to improve efficiency in operations, increase value and disrupt current norms to make the world a better place.

Damian believes inside you is unlimited potential to change the world for the better

Most of all he’s a proud dad and loves spending time with his son.

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