Biggz Da Misfit

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Biggz Da Misfit brings pro lyricism, musicality, and production sense to his approach to contemporary rap and hip-hop. With an effortless flow, mellow voice, and genuine songwriting style, Biggz is quickly becoming one of the most exciting faces to look out for in the industry. With five singles released already, plus a full-length album, Born To Be Hated, released in 2021, fans can get hyped on the rapper’s output while gearing up for yet more music to be released in the months and years to come.

Growing up, Biggz was heavily inspired by rap and hip-hop coming out of the south, particularly Three 6 Mafia (Memphis), Pastor Troy (Atlanta), and the artists on Cash Money Records (New Orleans). His earliest musical supporter, Biggz’s mom made sure he had every release to ever come out on Cash Money. During their weekends together, Biggz recalls having competitions with his mom to see who could download the most music from sites like Napster and LimeWire. Of all the rappers he’s drawn inspiration from over the years, Lil Wayne is Biggz Da Misfit’s key influence. This is reflected in the way Biggz writes. He favours deep and emotional topics over superficiality and layers intricate lyricism over unique and often moody beats and instrumentals. Biggz’s 2021 album is a perfect example of this, as it’s anything but a party album. Born To Be Hated is a serious contemplation of life and all that comes along with it, cementing Biggz as a voice to be taken seriously in the industry.

As an only child, Biggz didn’t have much to connect to around him. The older kids in his neighbourhood called him “Biscuit Head,” in reference to the size of his head. The rapper later adapted this into his stage name, Biggz Da Misfit. During his childhood, Biggz recalls finding relatability through music. Without siblings to spend time with, music became an escape for Biggz and a place where he could find his voice and passion. His infatuation with beats and the instrumental side of music fueled Biggz’s creative process, and he wrote an immense amount of music throughout his teenage years. Unfortunately, due to being in and out of detention centres, Biggz lost all of the music he wrote during that time. Despite this early setback, Biggz is a firm believer that art has no age limit. He has continued writing and making music and can’t imagine a time in his life when he’ll stop being creative.

In 2021, Biggz Da Misfit began releasing music online, with two singles dropping that year, “Fake Friends” and “Crazy.” He followed this up with his full-length album, Born To Be Hated, also released in 2021. Already this year, Biggz has released three new singles, “Special,” “Headshots,” and “Legendary.” All of Biggz Da Misfit’s music is available on Spotify, and you can also keep up with him on Instagram.

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