Alice Beer

There is no denying we love a good deal, whether it's discount codes, vouchers, sales or just being able to get something cheaper somewhere else.

In fact, 58% of us consider ourselves to be a 'savvy shopper' and 37% know someone who is a 'serial bargain hunter'.

One place that has always been known to have lower prices is the duty-free section in airports, on planes and on ferries.


The top duty-free purchases, according to research by Stena Line, are fragrances (47%), alcohol (44%), beauty products (23%), confectionary (16%), jewellery (15%), tech products (13%) accessories like sunglasses (12%) and kid's toys (7%).


Brits enjoy a duty-free price tag so much that 45% go to the extent of waiting until they travel to buy a specific product in duty-free, with a further 19% admitting they consider doing this.


When it comes to searching for a deal, on average UK adults are willing to spend more than three days searching for a good deal. However, it's not just about saving the pennies, bagging a bargain gives us a thrill (83%), so much so we love to brag (29%) and boast (31%) about it!


Going one step further, approximately one in five (21%) of us has, on occasion, exaggerated how much money we saved in a deal. 26% of UK adults have told a white lie to their partner about their shopping habits.


One well-known savings seeker is consumer Journalist and TV Presenter, Alice Beer. She is on hand to give her top tips and advice on how to grab yourself a good buy and experience the ultimate excitement of a deal.

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