Tweets, memes and the smell of masculine

Samuel Graydon reviews two new albums, by the folk troubadour Sam Lee and indie rock band Cornershop, both of which offer innovative and intelligent musical perspectives on modern England; the TLS’s arts editor Lucy Dallas presents this month’s ‘Audio/Visual’, a monthly round-up of listening and watching; Josephine Livingstone grapples with the 'omnivore paradox' in the arts sector: why broader tastes in art have not led to wider participation

Featured works

Old Wow by Sam Lee

England is a Garden by Cornershop

Audio: ‘Reply All’, the podcast

Visual: ‘Five Guys a Week’, Channel 4

Entitled: Discriminating tastes and the expansion of the arts by Jennifer C. Lena

Steal as Much as You Can: How to win the culture wars in an age of austerity by Nathalie Olah

Smashing It: Working class artists on life, art and making it happen, edited by Sabrina Mahfouz


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