Talk to the hands

Thea Lenarduzzi on the cultural history of gesture and body language; What is Chaucer to us today? When did he become known as the "Father of English poetry", and what did he get up to when he was not writing rude and memorable poetry? Julia Boffey explains; the Stonewall uprising in New York is remembered as a pivotal moment in LGBTQ rights – fifty years on, Hugh Ryan revisits the history 


Dictionary of Gestures: Expressive comportments and movements in use around the world by François Caradec

Silent History: Body language and nonverbal identity, 1860–1914, by Peter K. Andersson

The Stonewall Riots: A documentary history, edited by Marc Stein

The Stonewall Reader, edited by the New York Public Library

Pride: Photographs after Stonewall by Fred W. McDarrah

Love and Resistance: Out of the closet into the Stonewall era, edited by Jason Baumann


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