Samuel Beckett's turtle-neck, etc

With Stig Abell and Thea Lenarduzzi – Would you take fashion advice from Beckett? Was John Updike an early advocate of "norm-core"? We're joined in the studio by Laura Freeman to discuss a new book, Legendary Authors and the Clothes they Wore; addiction represents the height of paradox: the quest for fulfilment of individual desire that embraces the destruction of the individual self. Eric Iannelli considers a clutch of studies and memoirs that seek to describe the causes and consequences of the addict's “self-perpetuating vortex”; Charlottesville, the college city in Virginia, has impinged on the global consciousness in recent weeks, since a rash of neo-Nazi-instigated violence spread from the University of Virginia's campus into the streets. Krishan Kumar, a sociology professor at UVA, reflects on the institution's legacy, and that of its founder Thomas Jefferson

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