Romance versus realism

Min Wild on recent attempts to get to grips with that most slippery of beasts, the history of the novel (expect a lively cast, including Frances Burney, Daniel Defoe, Laurence Sterne and Jane Porter); Declan Ryan on where writing overlaps with boxing and the story of the eighteenth-century boxer Daniel Mendoza, known as The Fighting Jew, who made of the sport an art form 


Without the Novel: Romance and the history of prose fiction by Scott Black

Revising the Eighteenth-Century Novel: Authorship from manuscript to print by Hilary Havens

Public Vows: Fictions of marriage in the English Enlightenment by Melissa J. Ganz

Born Yesterday: Inexperience and the early realist novel by Stephanie Insley Hershinow

Captain Singleton by Daniel Defoe, edited by Manushag Powell

Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne, edited by Judith Hawley

Thaddeus Of Warsaw by Jane Porter, edited by Thomas McLean and Ruth Knezevich


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