Life as a Roman emperor

What style of life did an ancient Roman emperor lead? How did he actually spend his time? Mary Beard fills us in; Frances Wilson on literary couples (and their pet names) and what they can, and can’t, tell us about marriage; Mika Ross-Southall on how gentrification works and who it works for


The Emperor in the Roman World by Fergus Millar

Literary Couples and 20th-Century Life Writing: Narrative and intimacy by Janine Utell

Parallel Lives: Five Victorian marriages by Phyllis Rose

Newcomers: Gentrification and its discontents by Matthew L. Schuerman

Us Versus Them: Race, crime, and gentrification in Chicago neighborhoods by Jan Doering

The Aesthetics of Neighborhood Change, edited by Lisa Berglund and Siobhan Gregory

Alpha City: How London was captured by the super-rich, by Rowland Atkinson


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