WW1: Remembering / forgetting

To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, the TLS's History editor David Horspool talks us through books, exhibitions and events that commemorate cataclysmic slaughter and scars that endure to this day; it’s easy to think of privacy invasion as a peculiarly modern phenomenon, but it has its own history dating back to the American Civil War – Sarah Igo tells us more; finally, the food writer Bee Wilson discusses two new cookbooks that capture a “fresh mood of experiment in the kitchen”

Works discussed

Pandora’s Box: A history of the First World War, by Jörn Leonhard (translated by Patrick Camiller)

Robert Graves: From Great War poet to ‘Good-Bye to All That’, 1895–1929 by Jean Moorcroft Wilson

Making a New World (across the Imperial War Museum, London, and the Imperial War Museum North)

Plus reviews and original pieces published in the TLS, including “What did Tommy read: The complex mental worlds of soldiers on the Western Front” by Bill Bell – go to the-TLS.co.uk for details

Sight Smell Touch Taste Sound:  A new way to cook by Sybil Kapoor

Lateral Cooking by Niki Segnit

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