Will Former Players Make Better Referees?

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson and Ian Hawkey.

Chelsea left Turin disappointed after a 1-0 loss at the hands of Juventus. Did they miss Mason Mount and why couldn’t Romelu Lukaku get into the game? (00:00)

Should Villarreal have had the game wrapped-up way before Cristiano Ronaldo scored Manchester United’s winner? Hugh thinks so and Gregor isn’t far behind him (5:30)

PSG beat Manchester City 2-0, but with over twice as many shots and other stats in their favour - were City just unlucky on the night? What positives can Pep Guardiola take from the game? (15:00)

Liverpool did by far the best of any British sides in Europe this week with a 5-1 win away at Porto. Bobby Firmino scored twice, but is he set for an upcoming battle for his starting position? (22:27)

Real Madrid lost to Moldovan minnows Sheriff Tiraspol on Tuesday evening - was this a one-off or are there bigger issues at the Bernabéu? (29:34)

Barcelona have bigger problems on their hands after a 3-0 loss at Benfica. Will the club ever be a European great again? (34:24)

It’s been suggested this week that there’ll be an upcoming initiative encouraging former players to become referees. We grill our own ex-player on whether he thinks he’s be a better referee having played the game professionally (43:30)

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