Who owns your club? Kane’s trophy hunt, and Man Utd’s big signing

Could Harry Kane really have another trophy-less season? If he does it won’t be for the lack of effort. The England captain has had a brilliant season, is endearing himself to the German fans, but it could still be not quite enough. Man City strolled to another win in the Champions league, are they now at their best?

How would you feel if your club was part of a multi ownership model, with sister clubs in other countries…it is becoming more and more common, what are the pros and cons?

Finally the new era at Manchester United looks set to start with the signing of…sporting director Dan Ashworth from Newcastle. Tom, Martin, Jonny and Gregor all agree, its good business.  



Harry Kane

2’ Looking like he may not win anything in Germany.

3’ if he’d stayed at Spurs he’d be unlikely to win anything either.

6’ Highly likely Munich will win something, if not this season then next.

7’ we don’t seem to celebrate success in the same way in this country. He couldn’t do anymore, he’s been great.

11’ Kane endears himself to the supporters.

18’ He could stay for two or three years, especially if his family are happy.



22’ They look back to their best, so easy.

23’ John Stones looked accomplished in pivot role. Is he taken for granted?

26’ Pep had a pop at Grealish.

28’ Guardiola has earned the right to criticise, he is subtle with it though.

Multi club ownership

33’ Girona in Spain, the smallest ground in La Liga, a budget 700million euros less than Madrid, yet they are in a title race. Astonishing.

36’ If they’re good owners, what does it matter.

39’ Girona are the exception, many multi ownership models favour the ‘big fish.’

40’ 8 of top 18 teams in Belgium part of multi club models.

42’ it depends on the club, some push back and do wish to be part of a large organisation – Strasbourg declined Chelsea.

48’ It’s a growth industry, 180 clubs world wide now part of multi ownership groups, it was 40 a decade ago.


Man United

52’ Looks like Dan Ashworth is going to be poached from Newcastle.

54’ Looks a good positive move from Jim Ratcliffe.

55’ Ashworth is one of the best in that particular role.

54’ Ashworth has ushered in a far greater degree of intelligence in the way clubs are run, he did it at West Brom, FA and Brighton.

56’ Man Utd are the last of the old style football clubs.


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