We Want Ten!

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Roddy and Alyson Rudd.

Liverpool hit Bournemouth for nine goals at the weekend - but why do teams struggle to make double figures? (00:00)

Scott Parker made it well known he wants more players at Bournemouth, but will his frustration be resolved? (13:25)

Manchester City and Erling Haaland look impressive in front of goal - but are they looking shaky at the back? (22:50)

Steven Gerrard is struggling at Aston Villa after yet another loss. Will he be given time to turn things around? (32:42)

Forest put up a notable fight against Tottenham, but Richarlison got a lot of attention for his showboating - was it rudeness or flair? (45:46)

Hugh doesn’t like VAR much, as you’ll hear with his weekly rant (51:12)

Who was our Player of the Month? Listen and vote now on The Times website (54:06)

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