Ukraine Show Their Strength

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Clarke, Michael Grant, Gary Jacob and Tomas Hill Lopez-Menchero.

Scotland came up short against Ukraine, who go on to face Wales on Sunday for a place in the World Cup. Michael Grant joins us to discuss what went wrong and where Steve Clarke’s side go from here (00:00

Wales will have had a good look at Ukraine ahead of that game. Gary Jacob weights up what could be Gareth Bale’s last match for his country, should they lose and miss out on the finals (18:21)

Paul Pogba is leaving Manchester United. Not a huge surprise, but was his time at the club a success or was he not given what he needed to thrive? (28:32)

Gareth Bale is also on the move with his deal at Real Madrid ending next month. Is the Welshman the best British export ever? Tomas Hill Lopez-Menchero joins us to weight it up (36:55)

..and with Tom Clarke on holiday on Monday when we’ll hold our end of year awards, we let him pick some of his winners a few days early (45:49)

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