Two games, twelve goals, one VAR

The Thurs team of Martin Samuel, Tony Cascarino and Gregor Robertson join Tom Clarke to discuss one thing…VAR. With two thrilling games and twelve goals between them the Man Utd v Copenhagen and Spurs v Chelsea games were dominated by VAR. Is it inevitable, will it change or will football adapt to a brave new world? Discuss…



VAR and Man Utd

10’ is football and footballers now going to change.

12’ how do you police a subjective game played in milliseconds.

16’ the difference in officiating and the interpretation of rules.

22’ Positives for Man United despite losing the game.

26’ Copenhagen not a good team, don’t get carried away.

34’ All to random at Man U. Performances are fractured

VAR and Chelsea Spurs

38’ Romero red card…

41’ Intent or not intent. How to define it.

47’ Offside, Jackson had a yard start, but it was phase two. Is that fair? Martin thinks the rules are nonsense. Active or inactive.

51’ We’re talking about VAR, not about football.

58’ Ange and his brave…or crazy tactics. High line with nine men. Amazing spectacle, but not sure if it was the best approach.

59’ Glorious failure. They lost but they lost player to their philosophy.


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