"They Look Like A Normal Premier League Team"

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Clarke and Alyson Rudd.

Norwich have surprised many recently - not just our journalists - and are out of the relegation zone. Can they keep up the great escape? (00:00)

Watford are one of the bottom three and it isn’t look good for them. What are their chances and will Everton get dragged into a relegation battle? (10:29)

Martin Hardy joins us to discuss the latest at Newcastle. The team have flown to Saudi Arabia for warm-weather training - but what’s going on behind the scenes and will we see more incomings (14:45)

Chelsea got one over on Spurs again - but is the race for fourth place any clearer? (27:35)

VAR has once again thrown up some interesting talking points over the weekend - should there be a referee at Stockley Park? (48:52)

Derby County’s situation isn’t a pretty one. Matt Lawton joins us to look at just how serious their financial situation is and what’s likely to happen next (54:40)

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