The Theatre of Protests

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Alyson Rudd and Matt Dickinson.

The Times’ Paul Hirst joins us to discuss the reasons behind the Manchester United fans protest that saw their Premier League game at home to Liverpool postponed on Sunday. What will happen next at the club and is there any likely response from the Glazers? (00:00)

The discussion continues with the wider impact of owners running clubs as businesses first and do fans’ morals change when it comes to having spending power? (12:30)

After a thrilling Women’s Champions League semi final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich, The Times’ Molly Hudson joins us with lots to say about Emma Hayes’ side (38:02)

Following Peterborough’s unlikely comeback to win promotion against Lincoln, we end with our favourite last-minute heartbreaks - including a calamitous night in Atletico Madrid’s history (48:48)

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