The Super League And The Special One

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Alyson Rudd and Matt Dickinson.

As football makes all the headlines with the proposed Super League causing massive controversy, the man who broke the story - The Times’ Chief Sports Writer Martyn Ziegler - joins us to discuss how it came about and what the clubs who’ve signed up are hoping to get from it (00:00)

We look at the wider implications of the proposal and how fans have reacted - with leagues, players and even Governments having their say on whether it’s the future of the sport or yet another greedy move by rich club owners (13:16)

As the show was recorded, we got news that the manager of one of the clubs involved in the Super League - Jose Mourinho had been removed from his position at Tottenham. Was this a result of the proposal or a case of smart timing by Daniel Levy? (38:15)

We end with the good work a potential candidate to replace Jose - Brendan Rodgers - has been doing as Leicester set up a League Cup Final against Chelsea. Also - how will the rest of Manchester City’s season go now they’re not playing for the quadruple? (48:41)

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