The Southgate and Scudamore success stories

Gab Marcotti is joined by Matt Dickinson and Matt Hughes in the aftermath of England’s progression to the Nations League finals after victory over Croatia. Iceland feels like a long time ago.

In the best Wembley atmosphere since Springsteen, Gareth Southgate continues to find answers to questions as England manager, including proving his tactical flexibility and showing the squad does have strength in depth. We show some love to Southgate and to Fabian Delph.

Following the backlash to the news that Premier League clubs have been asked to contribute to a £5million bonus for outgoing chairman Richard Scudamore, we ask whether he has been hard done by. Do people truly understand the nature of the payment or misunderstand it as a present? And does his work at one of the UK’s biggest brands of all time merit that reward?

Matt Hughes also has the inside track on proposed plans for top Championship clubs to break away and form a Premier League 2. Could they be overplaying their hand and overestimating their value?


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