Super Sub or Super Starter?

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Jonathan Northcroft and Matt Lawton.

England did a lot better against Germany than they did previously in Hungary - but what questions have been left to be resolved? Will Jack Grealish ever be in the first XI or should he embrace being a super sub? (00:00)

Scotland bounced back from their World Cup disappointment against Armenia. What’s next for Steve Clarke’s side and has a new phase begun for the national team? (23:10)

Matt Lawton joins us fresh from Munich, where he’s been looking into policing on the continent and how it differs from our own in the UK (32:20)

We take a look at the latest transfer rumours with Liverpool’s attack potentially getting an overhaul and what Arsenal need to get done before the start of the season (51:40)

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