Saudi's football giants - How the signings work and will the spending continue?

Saudi's football giants - How the signings work and will the spending continue? 

Tom Clarke is joined by regular Monday panellist Alyson Rudd and debutant Tom Kershaw. Messrs Martin Hardy and Michael Grant drop in to give reaction and updates from England and Scotland perspectives. 

Alyson Rudd gives her reaction to the resignation of Luis Rubiales.

Tom Kershaw gives a fascinating and unmissable insight into Saudi sport, how it operates, its fans, culture and the plans in place for the future.

02’.00 – An emotional night as Ukraine fans travelled to see their team play England in Poland. On the pitch - disjointed England. Reaction to England’s less than inspiring performance against Ukraine. How to make the most of the talent on offer, why did the two form players – Bellingham and Maddison appear restricted?

12’00– Are England about to poach a player from the Scottish ranks? Newcastle’s Eliot Anderson could be about to cross the border…Martin Hardy wrote the story.

18’30 - England have the chance to spoil Scotland’s party yet again…” Scottish football correspondent Michael Grant is optimistic this time could be different. Michael updates on the Scotland camp. Are the tartan army booking their tickets to Germany next summer? And what does Michael make of the potential switch of two players from Scotland to England.

25’00 - England Scotland predictions. Will it be a match to remember or a bore draw. Alyson Rudd predicts an underwhelming nil nil.

30’10 – Discussion and reaction to Luis Rubiales resignation. Is it a case of sorry not sorry? Has the Spanish world cup victory become a post script, with the Rubiales incident being the focal point?

33- Tom Kershaw gives a fascinating insight in to Saudi sport. Tom has been to the country on a number of occasions in recent times. he discusses Saudi fans, the atmosphere they create at games and how there are attempts to use football to generate a sports culture, energise the young male population in a country with high rates of diabetes.

36’ atmosphere at matches in the Saudi pro league. Fan culture and behaviour.

41’ the heat and humidity and the effects it has on foreign players.

43’ what are the training facilities like in the pro league?

47’ is this a flash in the pan, will the money dry up. Or do the league and the financial backers have a long term plan…?

49’ What is the financial structure, how is a player signed to play in the pro league. It is different the transfer deadline day type bidding wars we are used to seeing in European leagues.

52’ will the bubble burst. Alyson thinks it might. Tom is sure it won’t.

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