No Hugging, Please!

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Tom Clarke and Jonathan Northcroft. Tottenham have once again dropped points from a winning position - is Jose’s cautious style at fault? Would Spurs winning the League Cup buy Mourinho more time to win the fans over? Has Gareth Bale been worth the money they’re paying him when he’s just sitting on the bench every week? The Times’ North-east writer Martin Hardy joins us to talk about the problems at Newcastle after their loss to bottom side, Sheffield United. Is Steve Bruce the man to try and pick them up or has the job ground him down too much? The Premier League have written to clubs reminding them about Covid protocols after recent breaches - should players avoid celebrating goals? If players have tested negative, surely everything on the field should be left unchanged? Manchester United are top of the league, but can they go all the way? We preview their next game against a well-rested Liverpool and round things off by discussing who the best English manager is - following Pep Guardiola’s praise of Graham Potter. There’s a slight curveball brought to the table..

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