Neville’s need to win and the remarkable Rapinoe

On the eve of perhaps the biggest England game ever in women’s football, Natalie Sawyer is joined by Molly Hudson, Rebecca Myers and Tottenham goalkeeper Chloe Morgan as excitement continues to build.

The Lionesses take on the best team in the world, the USA, in the semi-final of the World Cup. For manager Phil Neville, 18 months comes down to one game. Will the World Cup be a failure for Neville if England suffer semi-final defeat? Are England’s backline set for their biggest test yet? And will White strike again?

The woman making all the headlines on and off the pitch in France is American co-captain Megan Rapinoe. Activist and athlete, what has the publicity she’s garnered done for the tournament and the women’s game? And will the fitness of the Americans pay dividends in the extreme heat of Lyon?

There’s another semi-final to be played as well. Can Sweden upset the odds again and reach the final? Or will the Netherlands get the chance to add the World Cup to their European Championship? 


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