More Costume Changes Than Madonna

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Alyson Rudd and Tom Roddy. We delve into the world of football conspiracy theories, which seem to be increasing while we’re all sitting at home! Surely the transparency of VAR discredits some of the more believable theories? Ole Gunnar Solskjær referred to an article on the Chelsea website potentially influencing the referee - is this one of the most baffling claims we’ve heard!? After another weekend with more baffling confusion between VAR and referees - are the officials losing control? Brighton are slowly drifting down the table - are they sleepwalking towards relegation? One of the teams to have taken 3 points home from the AMEX are Crystal Palace - should Roy Hodgson get another contract? You can read Tom Roddy’s article on football analyst Jack Lyons and his route into the game thanks to Brendan Rodgers - he gives us more around the piece and we ask our resident former pro, Gregor Robertson what part these roles play in modern teams. After Dean Smith banned his players from playing Fantasy Football, Alyson Rudd enlightens us with her thoughts on the matter and why she thinks it should be banned all together! Get your digital subscription to The Times and get a month free:


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