Kanté Is In A (Champions) League Of His Own

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Roddy, Matt Dickinson and Matt Lawton.

Chelsea won their second Champions League title at the expense of a shell shocked Manchester City. Was N’Golo Kanté the difference? How much of their run should be credited to Frank Lampard or has Thomas Tuchel shown him up with this success? (00:00)

Why did Pep Guardiola choose to try something completely new in the final of the most important game he’s managed for City? How will the club bounce back from this disappointment? (14:44)

The final England squad will be announced for EURO 2020 tomorrow - are we any closer to working out which right back is likely to start? The two Matt’s give us the inside story on how they themselves, get the inside story from the England camp (28:14)

After heartbreak last season, Brentford were finally promoted to the top flight - does this prove the changes to the club’s structure were a success? (52:14)

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