How do we protect players from pitch invaders?

It’s been a weekend of incomprehensible refereeing decisions and inexcusable fan behaviour. Natalie Sawyer and Gab Marcotti are joined by Matt Dickinson and Alan Smith to analyse it all.

After individual pitch invaders at Hibernian, Arsenal and most shockingly Birmingham where Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish is punched, the panel discuss what can be done to better ensure player safety, as well as the perils of punishing clubs for the actions of individuals.

Arsenal beat Manchester United to leapfrog them into 4th place. What are the chances of Champions League qualification for the Gunners? And should more people be dissing David De Gea for his role in the first goal?

It’s as you were in the title race. Would Champions League progression against Bayern be a good or bad thing for Liverpool’s hopes of winning the Premier League? And how important is Raheem Sterling to Manchester City?

Plus Darren Moore, equal pay in the USA and after a bad weekend for the officials, who is the Huddersfield of referees?


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