Harry Maguire Is Not A Leader

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Tom Clarke, Paul Hirst and Alyson Rudd.

Manchester United have suffered the most embarrassing loss in their Premier League history - but is Ole Gunnar Solskjær fully to blame? Did Liverpool even play to their full potential in their 5-0 victory? (00:00)

Spurs have lost every London derby this season - what’s the issue with Nuno’s side and why are they creating so few chances? It can’t ALL be down to Harry Kane's lack of form? (30:22)

Watford silenced Goodison Park by putting five past Everton on Saturday. Is Rafa Benitez the right man for the job after all and did we get it wrong about Claudio Ranieri? (38:33)

Norwich were on the end of a 7-0 defeat to Chelsea on Saturday. Do their fans deserve more and is Derby’s record low points total in danger? (48:27)

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