Get KDB on Pens!

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Alyson Rudd, Molly Hudson and Tony Cascarino.

Lots to discuss after a goalless FA Cup Final that was decided on penalties. Who stood out for each team and who wasn’t up to it? (00:00)

Chelsea have now lost two cup finals to Liverpool this season - what does the future hold for Romalu Lukaku and why is Andreas Christensen not available? (19:44)

Molly Hudson joins us to discuss some Chelsea success after their women’s side did what the men couldn’t and lifted the trophy a day later (30:19)

The Premier League title race took another turn as Manchester City could only manage a 2-2 draw with West Ham. Did City pick the wrong penalty-taker? (37:44)

Lots more to discuss in the Premier League including questionable handballs, red cards and a lifeline for Leeds? (55:45)

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