Genius or Idiot?

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Alyson Rudd, Tom Roddy, Paul Hirst and Tony Cascarino.

Manchester City are champions, but didn’t make it easy for themselves on the final day. Should Pep Guardiola be applauded for his game-changing substitutions or criticised for his starting line up? (00:00)

With the title race going right down to the wire - are we watching two of the greatest teams the Premier League has ever seen/ (20:38)

Both Chelsea and Manchester United are already looking ahead to the summer and beyond with different outlooks on the horizon. Will they be challengers next season? (27:04)

Leeds managed to pull a win out of nowhere while Burnley fell apart. Is Jesse Marsch the right person to take Leeds forward and are Burnley doomed? (33:09)

Spurs took the final Champions League spot despite Arsenal being favourites as recently as March. What does this mean for the future of Antonio Conte and Harry Kane? (53:26)

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