Gdansk For Coming, Better Luck Next Time

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Clarke, Jonathan Northcroft and Tom Roddy.

Manchester United came up short against Villarreal in the Europa League final - are they further away from challenging for trophies than people think? Paul Hirst joins us live from Gdansk (00:00)

Will Manchester City go one step further than United and win a European final this week? We look ahead to the Champions League final against Chelsea (23:24)

Rumours that Mauricio Pochettino could be coming back to Spurs hit during the podcast - but surely that’s not a good move for the former Tottenham boss.. or is it? (40:21)

The EFL playoff finals are coming up this weekend - Tom Clarke attempts to remain calm as we give our predictions for the three season-ending matches (48:46)

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