England: Balled out by Hodgson, blanked by Beckham and bluntness from Capello. Plus a look through the week's other football news

The Game Tom Clarke is joined by Matt Dickinson, Matt Lawton and Martin Samuel to discuss the weeks footballing news, this weekend’s international fixtures and a few very funny stories of runs ins with former England managers and captains.

1.10: Roy Keane incident/sports pundits.  Was the Roy Keane incident an accident waiting to happen. Martin Samuel discusses the loss of impartiality in sports broadcasting. Wider comments on ex-players as pundits. Is their perceived fan loyalty detracting from their in-depth knowledge.

15.30: Anthony/Greenwood/Man Utd. Tough times at Manchester United off the pitch. In light of the Anthony allegations have the club set a precedent in the way they have handled the Mason Greenwood situation.

20.00: Jordan Henderson. Was the former Liverpool players interview a good idea? Were his responses to his critics believable? The discussion broadens out to Saudi influence on sport. Matt Lawton highlights the vast amounts of money involved. All agree that Saudi Arabian influence, across all sport, not just football is an unstoppable force.

35.50: England. Do managers or journalists learn anything from friendlies? What areas of the England team need to be looked at.

39.00 – Gareth Southgate. Is he still under pressure? Is he tactically astute enough? What does the future hold for Southgate. Matt Lawton is adamant that the FA can not let him leave the FA. With his knowledge he must be retained in some way. Should he be the most important and influential person in English football?

50.00: The writers discuss their best stories of run ins they’ve had with England managers of the past. Should journalist be told the team ahead of time? Tales of Roy Hodgson, Fabio Capello, Sven Eriksen and Glen Hoddle follow.

1’.08: Which England captains have the writers worked with, who have been engaging, who have been reluctant to work closely with the journalists. The press pack take on David Beckham. The Spice Girls and Beckhams Mohican. 

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