Don't Bash The League Cup!

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson and Jonathan Northcroft.

Nuno returned to Molineux and left with a Carabao Cup victory over his former side. Pep Guardiola can’t make his mind up if he likes the competition or not and Manchester United crash out (00:00)

Reading are set to be deducted points due to breaching EFL financial rules. In the same week Derby County were hit with a 12 point penalty - is the desperation to get into the top flight going too far? (18:26)

Arsenal and Spurs have been off the pace in recent matches and with the first North London derby of the season on Sunday - is this the most irrelevant Premier League match-up ever between the two sides? (30:32)

Spennymoor Town will play a game on Sunday with heading only allowed in the box in the first half and no heading whatsoever allowed after the break. Head for Change are the charity behind the research - but would the lack of heading ruin the beautiful game? (50:03)

Hendon FC beat Hammersmith FC 36-0 in a league match, so we end on memorable maulings and everyone fails to believe Gregor has only played in a side that lost 5-0 (54:46)

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