Don Carlo's Last Laugh

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Tom Clarke, Ian Hawkey, Martyn Ziegler and Owen Slot.

Manchester City. What on earth happened last night!? (00:00)

Were Pep Guardiola’s substitutions to blame? Do you take Kevin De Bruyne off in that situation? (15:23)

Liverpool are through to the final, but they survived a scare against Villarreal. Did Liverpool’s squad depth rescue them? (28:40)

Looking ahead to the final - what chance do Liverpool have against Real Madrid in Paris? (38:09)

The Times’ Chief Sports Reporter Martyn Ziegler joins us with an update on the sale of Chelsea and how the latest developments could affect which bid ends up being successful (48:15)

The League One playoffs get started this evening. Could it be Sunderland’s moment to return to the Championship? (55:35)

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